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Enrolled in QHP

Who gets this notice?

This notice is sent to individuals who are enrolled in a QHP through MNsure. The notice confirms what plan the household will be enrolled in for the coming coverage year. The notice lists the plan name, the premium and the advanced premium tax credit, if applicable.

If the consumer made more than one plan selection for the same coverage effective date, the last plan selected is considered the enrollment choice.

What happens next?

If a consumer subsequently reports changes that make them no longer eligible for a QHP, their next year's QHP enrollment will be canceled.

How to Identify this Notice

  • The MNsure logo is on the upper right of the first page.
  • There is no title on the notice. The notice begins with, "Dear [consumer], Your private health and dental insurance coverage has been renewed for the plan year [year], effective January 1.
  • the notice lists each plan, members enrolled and their renewal status.
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