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Account Management

This page includes information on how to access the assister portal and the steps for managing consumer authorizations.

How to Gain Access to the Assister Portal

MNsure-certified assisters must complete additional steps and training to gain access to the assister portal. Refer to the following assister policies for more information:

Assister Portal Access Policy for Brokers (Agent of Record Policy)

Assister Portal Access Policy for Navigators and CACs

Assister Portal Account Set Up

Go to the Assister Portal Account Set Up page.

Help Logging in to the Assister Portal

MNsure requires that assisters update their assister portal password periodically. You will be prompted to change your password when your current password expires.

If you forgot your assister portal username or password:

  • Select the "Forgot Your Password?" or "Forgot your User Name?" link on the login screen.
    • User name: Enter the email address your assister portal account was set up with. You will receive an email with your username if you have an active assister portal account.
    • Password: Answer the security questions correctly and you will be sent an email to reset your password. Remember the password questions are case-sensitive.
    • You will receive an email with your username/password.
  • Contact the Assister Resource Center or Broker Service Line if you are unable to use the online options.
    Note: If you also have a account as a consumer, make sure that you are logging in with the information you used to set up your assister account.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Help:
    Use the Multi-Factor Authentication Guide (PDF) for help with MFA.

Technical Tips for the Assister Portal

  • The recommended browsers for the assister portal Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Be sure the browser is up to date or you may have issues using the portal.
  • The assister portal may give you a login error (403 error) if you do not clear your browser history before logging in to the assister portal. We recommend you consider using an “in private” or “incognito” window when using the assister portal to avoid this issue.
  • Your username and password for the assister portal is different from other MNsure system applications, such as the life event reporting tool, AMP/BAMP and your log in if you are also a MNsure consumer. Make sure you confirm which tool you are logging into before entering your username and password.

Steps for a Consumer to Manage an Assister Authorization 

  • Never log in to a consumer’s account to complete an authorization without the consumer present. An assister signing in to a consumer’s account and taking actions without the proper authorization from the consumer is considered fraud. For more information, visit the Roles and Responsibilities section of the Assister Portal guide.
  • Steps for consumers to add, change or remove an assister authorization can be found on the How to Manage Your Assister page on
    If you forgot your reference number to share with consumers, your authorized agency contact can look it up for you Agency Management Program (AMP) and Broker Agency Management Program (BAMP).
  • The Resources for Consumers page also contains more information for assisters to help consumers understand how the assister portal works.
  • You will NOT receive a notification when a consumer starts or ends an association with you.

Steps for an Assister to end a Consumer Authorization

  • Assisters want to end an authorization with a consumer cannot do so online. Contact the Assister Resource Center or Broker Service Line to end the authorization. Inform the Assister Resource Center or Broker Service Line immediately if you are no longer acting as a MNsure assister.

Managing Your Consumer List in the Assister Portal

Any consumer that has given you authorization from their online account will appear on your client list dashboard in the assister portal. If a consumer ends their authorization with you, their name will no longer show up in this list.

The consumers who have given you their authorization are organized into three lists: New, In Progress and All. If you have not accessed a consumer's account or completed any tasks for them through the assister portal, they will be listed under "New." Once you access their account for the first time, they will be moved to the "In Progress" list. The "All" option will show you a list of all consumers who have authorized you.

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