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Manual Account Request Policy


This policy applies to brokers, navigators and certified application counselors (CACs) and affects consumers who are unable to set up a MNsure account online using the remote identity proofing questions.

Policy Details

When a consumer is unable to set up an online account, certified assisters may help them set up an account using one of the following two methods:

Account Request eForm

Assisters will use the same login credentials for all MNsure eForms which currently include Reporting Application Changes and Account Request. When completing the account request form on behalf of a consumer, assisters will select where the consumer would like their account credentials sent and upload supporting proof of identity documents. Assisters should use the Assister Guide for Account Creation Request eForm for assistance when submitting these account requests. 

Account Request Form (PDF)

If unable to complete the eForm, assisters may use the PDF version of the Account Request Form. If the consumer signs this form with an electronic signature, the requirements listed in Electronic Signature Policy must be met or the form will not be accepted. Even if not signed, the second page of the form must be included when submitting requests. The form and supporting identity documents should be submitted to the Assister Resource Center (ARC) or Broker Service Line:

  • Navigators and CACs may submit the information by secure fax to the ARC at 651-431-7572 or by requesting a secure email from the ARC.
  • Brokers may submit the information by requesting a secure email from the Broker Service Line.

The ARC and Broker Service Line forward ALL account requests to the proper department for processing. It then takes approximately 7-10 business days for an account to be created. Incomplete or illegible documents can lead to delays in processing. To help consumers avoid delays, please make sure that all required documentation is included and all information legible.

Regardless of where the account credentials are sent:

  • The consumer can call the MNsure Contact Center to request their credentials.
  • The assister authorized by the consumer may call the ARC or Broker Service Line to request the consumer’s credentials.

Terms and Definitions

  • Assister(s): Refers to brokers, navigators and certified application counselors (CACs).
  • Credentials: Consumer’s username and temporary password for their MNsure online account.
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