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Monitor Staff Recertification

AMP should be used by authorized agency personnel to monitor the status of staff that are in the process of recertifying for 2021. 

Requirements for recertification:

  • MNsure Data Security and Privacy
  • MNsure Accessibility Compliance and Ethics
  • Achieve a score of at least 80% on the knowledge assessment

Checking Recertification Status 

NOTE: Images will be updated soon for 2021 recertification.

Once you log in to AMP, from any page, click on "Staff Training" in the top navigation bar.

Staff Training in main navigation

The Staff Training page will show you all current requirements for certification and recertification, as well as some optional courses.

Staff Training requirements

If a staff person does not complete the recertification requirements for 2021 by October 15, their "Certification Status" will change to "Not Certified."

Staff Training requirements

In the example above (this example will be updated in August):

  • Tester Test-Navigator was certified for 2020 and completed the recertification requirements for 2021 on August 5, 2020. Tester has successfully recertified for 2021 and received an email confirming her recertification.
  • Test Again was certified for 2020, but did not complete the recertification requirements for 2021 by October 15, 2020. She is no longer certified. In order to reactivate her certification, she must complete the recertification requirements.


  • If there is no date, the staff member should review their training records in the MNsure Learning Center to verify that course shows as "mastered/completed" in their Learning Path. The individual’s Training ID for logging in to the MNsure Learning Center is in the "Training ID" column.
  • If the course does show as "mastered/completed" in their Learning Path, MNsure has not yet updated their record to reflect completion. Please wait at least three business days after the individual completed the course before emailing the ARC to check the status.
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