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Case Status Requests Policy

This procedure applies to navigators and certified application counselors.

Policy Details

In order to perform their function as a certified MNsure assister, navigators and CACs may need to follow-up with MNsure to check on the status of a consumer’s case. The case status request (CSR) form is available to facilitate that process.

The CSR form can be used to check the status of the following:

  • Applications (submitted online or with the paper DHS-6696 or DHS-3876)
  • Renewals
  • Qualified health plan (QHP) enrollments
  • Life event changes

The CSR form can be found under Essential Tools on Navigator One Stop.

Submitting a Case Status Request Form Procedure

Download the CSR form (an Excel file) from Navigator One Stop under Essential Tools.

To complete the form:

  1. The top left information must be completed with the certified assister name, Assister ID, agency name, phone number and email address.
  2. Each applicant listed must have at least two personal identifiers (PI). Acceptable PI includes first and last name, date of birth, address, and/or Social Security number. For newborns, it is required to have a parent’s name and another PI for the parent (such as date of birth). Note that if you are requesting the status for multiple people in a household, each applicant must be listed individually on the CSR form.
  3. If two PIs are not entered on the CSR form, the request will not be completed. The ARC may require three PIs for more common names.
  4. Include the date the application was submitted, if known.
  5. In the Type of Status requested column, please utilize the drop down to select what status you are requesting for the case: Application, Renewal, QHP enrollment or Life Event.
  6. If inquiring about application status, please utilize the dropdown under Paper or Online application to indicate how the application was submitted.
  7. Add additional information in the notes section if needed.
Submit the completed CSR form to the ARC:
  1. Only 20 applicants can be listed on each CSR form. However, there are no limits on the number of CSR forms that can be submitted in a day.
  2. Case status request forms must be sent using a secure email to the ARC at
    • Forms sent in not attached to a secure email will be returned and not completed.
    • Please see the ARC’s secure email policy for procedure to receive a secure email if needed.

Expectations on ARC Responses


  • ARC will check all systems (METS, MAXIS and MMIS) for information on the case.
  • Pending public program cases: Completed information will include case number, servicing agency and verifications requested.
  • Active public program cases: Completed information will include case number, servicing agency, determination with eligibility start date, PMI numbers and any post-determination verifications requested.
  • Active QHP cases: Completed information will include case number, servicing agency, determination (APTC and CSR amounts) and any post-determination verifications requested.

QHP, MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance Renewals

  • Pending renewals: Completed information will include the case number, servicing agency, date the renewal was received, and whether any verifications are requested.
  • Processed renewals: Completed information will include the case number, servicing agency, PMI numbers and new eligibility dates.

QHP enrollments

Completed information will include the following in the notes: the health insurance company the consumer enrolled with, the effective date of the policy and the date the enrollment was sent to the health insurance company.

Life event changes

  • The life event change must have been submitted to MNsure and not to another agency.
  • If the change has been completed the following information will be included in the notes: date the change request was completed and any follow-up that is needed. The notes will also include if the change resulted in a new eligibility determination.
  • If the change has not been completed the following information will be included the in the notes: “change is still in process." The ARC cannot provide an estimated timeline.

General Information

  • To better manage hold times, assisters are limited to six case status requests over the phone per day (three per call) if the consumer is not present. After this, they will be directed to the CSR form.
  • The only method to check the status of a case is via secure email is to use the Case Status Request form found on Navigator One Stop.
  • Requests that are not sent securely, will not be worked. The ARC will respond asking for the information to be sent securely.
  • All Case Status Request forms will be processed and responded to within five business days.
  • Information can only be given to certified assisters with an active status.
  • Sometimes information is unclear, especially on legacy cases in MAXIS. If it is unclear, the notes will refer the assister to the proper servicing agency. For some complex situations, the notes may refer the assister to call in to the ARC.
  • For paper applications, please allow three weeks from the date of submission before checking on the case. Paper applications can only be found once they are entered into one of the eligibility systems. ARC cannot confirm if a paper application was received if it has not been entered by the processing agency.
  • User names and reset passwords cannot be done via the CSR. Also, changes in enrollments and life event changes cannot be reported via the CSR.
  • Only 20 individuals per form are allowed. Please submit one form per secure email. Remember that secure emails can be used more than one time.

Terms and Definitions

  • Case status request (CSR): Information on a consumer’s case, including status of the following: application, renewals, enrollment, and life event changes.
  • Personal identifiers (PI): Any information about an individual maintained by an agency, including 1) any information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual's identity, such as name, Social Security number, date and place of birth, mother's maiden name or biometric records; and 2) any other information that is linked or linkable to an individual, such as medical, educational, financial, and employment information.
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