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Guide to Reporting Additional Household Members Online for the Unassisted Application

This guide is for MNsure-certified brokers, navigators and certified application counselors (CACs) to help consumers report additional household member(s) online for their unassisted application using MNsure's online reporting forms.

Additional household members could include:

  • Newborn babies
  • Current household members that were omitted in error


Read through this entire guide before starting with the online form. Filling out the form should take about 20-40 minutes.

It is only necessary to answer the required questions.

Getting Started

After you register to report changes online, log in and choose the Add a Person to Household (Unassisted Application) topic.

add member unassisted topic

Enter the first and last name of the individual being added to the application (which may or may not be the person reporting the change). Click “Continue.”

In the next section, for the relationship information:

Select the relationship of the person reporting the change to the individual being added. The example below shows the parent of the child reporting the change to you, the assister.

parent reporting for child shown in relationship field

Complete the next section to include the consumer’s residential address information. Also answer the question: Does the individual plan to make MN his/her home?

radio buttons for Does the individual plan to make Minnesota his/her home?

Questions about the Individual being Added

The next section of the change form asks questions about the individual being added to the application. Tips for this section:

  • If “Other” is reason selected for adding an individual to an application, an explanation for why the consumer is being added must be given. Examples of other reasons include, but are not limited to a court order or the adoption of a child.
  • If the individual being added is an American Indian or Alaska Native, additional information is required.
    • Member of a federally recognized tribe?
    • Tribal name
    • Tribal ID
    • Does individual live on a reservation?
  • If adding a non-US citizen, is the individual a US national?
  • If adding an infant to the application and the Social Security number (SSN) has not been received, answer no the SSN question and have consumer contact MNsure to add it once the SSN has been received.
  • If the individual being added is pregnant, number of children expecting and due date are required.
  • If the adding a tax dependent, the individual claiming the dependent must be identified with their date of birth.


The next section will capture the relationship of all individuals in the household. Each household member must be included.

example of household members and their relationship to the person being added

Submit the Change

Once the change has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you (the assister) used when registering to use the online change report forms.

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