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Navigator/CAC Certification

Information about MNsure certification requirements for navigators and CACs.

To begin actively assisting consumers through the MNsure marketplace, each staff member who will deliver direct consumer assistance at a contracted agency must be certified by MNsure.

Authorized agency contacts can request certification for new staff at any time by adding staff to their roster in the Agency Management Program (AMP).

To be certified, staff must:

  • Pass a background check
  • Complete online training and pass knowledge assessments

Certification requirements are the same for navigators and CACs.

Request a Background Study

Individuals seeking MNsure certification as a navigator or certified application counselor must complete a background study.

Information for this process can be found on the Background Studies section of Assister Central, including the steps for individuals to complete their background study and steps for authorized agency contacts to request and monitor an individual's background study.

Complete Training and Pass Knowledge Assessments

Training is available on-demand online through the MNsure Learning Center. It typically takes less than 10 hours to complete all requirements.

Training requirements:

  • MNsure Assisters Data Security, Accessibility, Compliance and Ethics
  • MNsure Assister Core Curriculum
  • MNsure Assister Role-based Training

To access the MNsure Learning Center, and to find steps for completing training and tips on how to have a successful training experience, go to the Training Information page.

Certification Notification

Certification is confirmed once a background check has cleared, training has been completed, and knowledge assessments have been passed. Once an individual is certified, they will receive by email an unique assister ID number to use when assisting consumers.

Authorized agency contacts can use AMP to monitor staff progress through the certification process.

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