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Certified Support Staff Policy for Broker Agencies


This policy applies to non-licensed staff or licensed insurance producers who are not actively selling MNsure policies.

Policy Details

Agency staff who have completed required training and have agreed to comply with MNsure’s Code of Conduct will be certified by MNsure and issued an Admin ID.

Once issued an Admin ID, support staff may contact MNsure’s Broker Service Line on behalf of brokers within their agency.

Procedure for Support Staff Certification

  1. Add support staff to the agency roster in the Broker Agency Management Program (BAMP).
    • An automated email will be sent with instructions for accessing training. The email includes a unique ID (Training ID) for accessing MNsure’s online learning management system.
  2. Access MNsure's online learning management system.
  3. Complete required certification training.
  4. An email confirmation will be sent after all requirements have been verified as complete. The email will include a MNsure assigned Admin ID to be used when calling in to MNsure’s Broker Service Line.

The Broker Service Line is unable to assist support staff if certification requirements have not been met.

Obtaining Credit for Continuing Education (CE)

Licensed insurance producers who are registered with MNsure as support staff must email their National Producer Number (NPN) to immediately after course completions to request CE credits.

Note: MNsure is unable to submit CE credits if a request is not made within 10 days of course completion.

Contacting the Broker Service Line

MNsure-certified support staff may contact the Broker Service Line on behalf of a broker within their agency if annual certification requirements guidelines have been met.

When calling the Broker Service Line support staff must provide their:

  • First and last name
  • MNsure-assigned Admin ID

Requirements of Certified Support Staff

  • Complete Data Security, Accessibility, Compliance and Ethics and any other required coursework online annually and pass the assessment(s).
  • Agree to comply with the MNsure Code of Conduct.
  • Report timely changes in:
    • Organizational name and contact information
    • Status of employment
    • Agency role (if necessary)
    • Other relevant business information

Roles of Certified Support Staff

Support staff may perform the following MNsure processes. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Check application and enrollment status
  • Complete password resets
  • Report life event changes (LECs)
  • Submit a Case Status Request (CSR) form
  • Upload verification documents and check their status.

Support staff cannot sell MNsure health and dental policies and will not receive an assister portal account.

Terms and Definitions

Admin ID: Identification number assigned by MNsure after annual certification training requirements are met. The assigned number should be used when contacting the Broker Service Line and will not change as long as support staff maintains certification with MNsure.

Support Staff: Non-licensed staff within an agency who support MNsure-certified brokers with consumer applications and enrollments. They are not licensed and therefore are not permitted to sell health or dental insurance policies. Licensed insurance producers may also register in the role of support staff if they are not actively selling health insurance policies though MNsure.


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