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Lesson 6: Additional Resources

Resources for assisters who have questions and need additional information when helping consumers with insulin assistance. provides information on how to access the urgent need safety net program, including:

  • Who is eligible
  • How to apply
  • The fillable PDF application
  • Frequently asked questions

Individuals can also search MNsure’s Assister Directory to find a navigator to help them apply for the continuing need program.

Minnesota Board of Pharmacy Website

The Insulin Safety Net Program page on the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy’s website provides information for individuals on the urgent need program and continuing need program. This page includes:

  • An information sheet with a description of the programs and how to access them
  • A list of navigator agencies available to help individuals with applying
  • Information on how to contact the Board of Pharmacy if a manufacturer determines that an individual is not eligible for a manufacturer’s patient assistance program
  • Frequently asked questions

Board of Pharmacy Resources

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy offers additional resources for individuals looking for savings on prescription drugs, including:

  • The Minnesota Board on Aging prescription help page
  • Other pharmaceutical manufacturer patient assistance programs
  • Government-funded programs
  • Tips on reducing prescription drug costs
  • Other programs and websites focused on free or reduced-cost care and prescriptions

MNsure Assister Central

All resources for navigators related to the Minnesota Insulin Safety Net program are available in the Insulin Assistance Program section of Navigator One Stop on MNsure Assister Central.

Resources include:

  • An overview of the program and how navigators can participate
  • Links to the navigator insulin program payment policy and online Insulin Case Association Form
  • Links to manufacturers’ patient assistance program applications
  • Links to other sites, including and the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy’s website

MNsure Assister Resource Center (ARC)

The ARC can answer Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare eligibility questions; however, it cannot provide support for the insulin urgent need or continuing need programs.

For example, the ARC is not able to:

  • Confirm whether an individual is eligible for the urgent or continuing need programs
  • Check the status of an application submitted to an insulin manufacturer
  • Check the status of a review request submitted to the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy

Insulin Manufacturers

There are currently three insulin manufacturers that are required to participate in the continuing need insulin program.

Each manufacturer maintains a resource page for individuals applying for insulin on a continuing need basis.

340B Program

If an individual is not able to access insulin through the insulin safety net program, there may be other options available.

The Federal 340B drug pricing program allows qualified health care organizations to purchase drugs at substantially lower prices. Those organizations can dispense drugs at a reduced rate to their patients.

Navigators can help an individual search to see if their current provider is a 340B entity. A user can search by the city and state.

The individual will need to check with their provider and pharmacy to determine whether their prescription qualifies.

More information is available on the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy Insulin Safety Net Program webpage.

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