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Insulin Assistance Program

MNsure certified navigator agencies have the ability to assist Minnesotans who are struggling to afford their insulin.

Program Overview

On April 15, 2020, Governor Tim Walz signed into law the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act which creates the Minnesota Insulin Safety Net Program. The Minnesota Insulin Safety Net Program took effect on July 1, 2020.

The overall program allows eligible individuals to apply for an “urgent need” supply (30-day) of insulin with a valid prescription (the Urgent Need Insulin Safety Net Program). More information on accessing urgent need insulin is available on

Eligible Minnesotans can also apply for the Continuing Need Insulin Safety Net Program which provides up to 12 months of insulin.

The statute creates a role for MNsure-certified navigators to help individuals with applying for the continuing need program and receive compensation for the work.

How does an agency participate? Any contracted navigator agency can opt-in to participate in the Minnesota Insulin Safety Net Program at any time. In order to be eligible to receive compensation, the agency must first agree to the additional duties by signing a contract amendment. Agencies can preview the amendment language in the Attachment C.

What are the training requirements? Once an agency has completed an amendment, MNsure will assign the required online insulin program training to all active staff on your roster through the MNsure Learning Center. In order to be included in the directory and be eligible for payment, a navigator must be certified and have completed the insulin program training.

What are navigators expected to do? Once a certified navigator has completed the required online insulin program training, the navigator may begin assisting individuals with completing an insulin manufacturer’s patient assistance program application.

How are agencies paid? Navigator agencies will receive between $25 and $70 for each individual assisted by an eligible navigator, with payments issued on a quarterly basis. The exact payment amount may vary by quarter and depends on the amount of funding available and the number of eligible Insulin Payment Association Forms submitted. For more details, please review the full Navigator Insulin Program Payment Policy on Navigator One Stop.

Steps to Participate:

Step 1: Contact MNsure at to request that a contract amendment be set up. Be sure to include the full agency name and the name, title and email address of the current signature authority. The name should match the signature authority on record in the Agency Management Program (AMP). If it does not, the agency will be asked to update AMP before MNsure proceeds with an amendment.

Step 2: MNsure will prepare a contract amendment and send an email to the agency's signature authority so they can electronically sign the amendment. MNsure uses DocuSign as a secure method for obtaining electronic signatures.

Step 3: Once the agency’s signature authority has signed the amendment through DocuSign, MNsure will sign and fully execute the amendment.

Step 4: The required online insulin program training will then be assigned to active staff on the agency's roster through the MNsure Learning Center. MNsure will notify the agency that the amendment has been executed and the training has been assigned.

Step 5: Certified staff will log in to their MNsure Learning Center account and complete the training. The training will take approximately an hour to complete.

Step 6: Once training has been completed by certified staff, MNsure will approve them as being eligible to assist individuals with applying for manufacturer’s patient assistance programs. Staff will receive an email notification that they are approved to assist with the insulin program.

MNsure will list navigators eligible to provide assistance for the continuing safety net program in two directories:

  • A directory of navigator agencies participating in the program will be shared with the Board of Pharmacy and distributed to pharmacies and health care providers. This directory will be periodically updated and will only include agency-level contact information.
  • MNsure’s online Assister Directory allows individuals to search for navigators eligible to assist with the continuing need program.
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