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Insulin Assistance Program

MNsure-certified navigator agencies have the ability to assist Minnesotans who are struggling to afford their insulin.

Program Overview

The Minnesota Insulin Safety Net Program has two parts, an urgent need program and a continuing need program. See for additional information about the program.

  • To participate and be eligible to receive compensation, agencies must first agree to additional duties by signing a contract amendment, Attachment C.
  • MNsure-certified navigators who have completed insulin program training will be eligible to receive compensation by helping consumers with applying for the continuing need program. They will also be listed as being eligible to provide assistance for the continuing safety net program in two directories:
    • A directory including agency-level contact information of navigator agencies participating in the program will be shared with the Board of Pharmacy and distributed to pharmacies and health care providers.
    • MNsure’s Assister Directory: Consumers are able to search for navigators eligible to assist with the continuing need program.
  • Navigator agencies will receive quarterly payments of between $25 and $70 for each consumer assisted by an eligible navigator. The exact payment amount may vary depending on the amount of funding available and the number of eligible Insulin Payment Association Forms submitted. See the full Navigator Insulin Program Payment Policy on Navigator One Stop for details.

Steps to Participate

  • Step 1: Agencies contracted with MNsure to provide navigator services can request an amendment to provide Insulin Safety Net assistance through the Agency Management Program (AMP). In the “Agency Information” section, select “Yes” to the questions “Apply for Insulin Safety Net program”.
  • Step 2: MNsure will prepare and email a contract amendment to the agency's signature authority to be electronically sign using DocuSign.
  • Step 3: Once the agency’s signature authority has signed the amendment, MNsure will sign and fully execute the amendment and notify the agency of execution.
  • Step 4: MNsure will assign required insulin program training to all active certified staff on the agency roster and notify the agency that training has been assigned.
  • Step 5: Certified staff will log in to their MNsure Learning Center account and complete the training which will take approximately an hour to complete.
  • Step 6: Once training has been completed, MNsure will verify completion, approve the certified staff and send an email notification to them as being eligible to assist consumers with applying for manufacturer’s patient assistance programs.
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