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Creating Accounts

Use the information on this page to assist consumers through the account creation process. Jump to a topic by using the links below:

Identity Proofing

Individual users must complete identity proofing in order to create a MNsure online account. The remote identity proofing (RIDP) service is integrated with the Federal Data Services Hub (FDSH) and a third-party vendor that uses sensitive information to identify a person by electronic means.

However, due to several factors, an individual may not be able to verify their identity through RIPD. For these consumers, MNsure has a manual account creation process, in which a consumer submits a form to MNsure with documentation which is used to verify the consumer's identity and create a username and password for them.

Online Account Creation

Practice the Application Course: Account Creation

Identity Questions 

Ask the consumer to have the following information ready so they can accurately answer the identity questions:

  • Addresses of current and past places where the consumer has lived.
  • Names of current and past counties where the consumer has lived.
  • Auto ownership: details of the car, like the license plate number.
  • Names of current and past employers.
  • Credit cards: name of the lenders, and year and month the accounts were opened.
  • Mortgages: name of the lenders, amount of mortgage, and the term (the number of months or years) of the loan.
  • Loans (including auto, student, or home equity loans): name of the lender, amount of the loan, and the term of the loan.

Online Account Creation Failure 

If the system is unable to verify the consumer’s identity through RIDP, the consumer will receive an error message. Error messages can be triggered for the following reasons:

  • Online service problems: the service(s) that verifies the data is unavailable or down. The consumer should try again later.
  • Account already exists: Data entered matches data for an existing MNsure account. The consumer should retrieve account information via the self-service webpage or call the MNsure Contact Center.
  • Online identity service problems: The data hub is unable to verify the consumer’s identity with the data entered. The consumer should try creating an account using different information (depending on the error message) or submit a manual account request form.

Limits of Remote Identity Proofing (RIDP) 

Certain groups of individuals are especially likely to experience challenges in completing RIDP:

  • People with limited credit histories
  • Victims of identity theft
  • People with inaccuracies in the data used for RIDP
  • Children under 18
  • Certain immigrant parents seeking to apply on behalf of their citizen children

Electronic Account Creation Requests 

If a consumer cannot verify their identity online, they can use the account creation request form (ACRe). 

Only MNsure-certified assisters are authorized to use the online reporting form. It may not be used by office support staff or consumers.

Register to use the online report forms. 

Note: This eForm is used for account creation as well as reporting application changes. Assisters will use the same account credentials for both forms. If you have already registered for MNsure eForms, go to "Log In" below.


After registering, log in.

For a successful experience when using MNsure’s online forms, be sure you are using the most current version of your internet browser.

Log In

Help with registration and password resets (PDF).

If a consumer is unable to create an online account or to use the ACRe form, a manual Account Request Form (PDF) along with required documentation can be submitted to MNsure. These PDF forms are also available in Hmong, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.

For more information about this process see the Manual Account Creation Policy.

How Assisters Can Help 

Certified assisters may help consumers manually set up an account using the Account Request Form.

A consumer can authorize MNsure to share their credentials with a certified assister they designate on the Account Request Form. The first and last name of the assister must be entered on the form.

If an assister is listed on the account request form, MNsure may contact them for more information to avoid a denial.

  • If the account request form has most of the required information or needs clarification, and a MNsure assister is listed, the ARC or Broker Service Line will contact the listed MNsure assister to get additional information or clarification.
  • If a denial notice is returned due to an undeliverable email and a MNsure assister is listed, the ARC or Broker Service Line will inform the assister.

For more details and step-by-step instructions on how to help consumers, see the Manual Account-Creation Policy and the Over-the-Phone Account-Creation Policy.

Identity verification documents are listed on the Verifications page.

Common Issues that Delay Manual Account Creation 

  • Legibility of copies
  • Unsigned forms
  • Expired documents
  • Unclear photo on a photo ID
  • Holograms on IDs (especially passports) can often obscure information when scanned or photographed
  • The person named on the manual account request form is not the same person as the person in the documents (i.e. parent’s name is on the manual account request form, but the documents are for the child)
  • If a non-U.S. citizen parent is trying to open an account in their own name it will be denied. They have to open it in their child’s name, if the child was born here, and include proper IDs for the child.
  • If an adult child is listed as the person requesting a MNsure account, the parent of the adult child cannot sign the form on their behalf.
  • If consumer provides an I-94 (Department of Homeland Security) document as identification, make sure there is a stamp on the Departure Record. The Transportation Company and Transportation Security Administration will issue a one year document with pictures of each applicant, this does not need a stamp.

Using the Assister Portal 

Your first meeting is a good time tell the consumer they can give you permission to act on their behalf to submit an application or enroll in a plan. Information for the consumer about setting up this association is on on the How to Manage Your Assister and Managing an Assister FAQ pages.

The Assister Portal section covers account management tips, access instructions and more. Here are a few key reminders:

  • Brokers must have an association with the consumer through the assister portal to establish their agent of record.
  • The assister portal can be used to help a consumer apply and enroll if an assister is meeting in-person, talking over the phone, or following up after an appointment.
  • A consumer can associate with an assister at any time in the process: before, during or after an application has been submitted.
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