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Book of Business Transfer


This policy applies to brokers.

Policy Details

Guidelines related to an agency request to change the agent of record from one broker in the agency to another broker in the agency. Typical book of business transfer requests are for a large number of consumers at one time.


Book of business transfers for MNsure consumers cannot be done through the carrier. In order for the change from one broker to another to take place

  • The consumer must log into their MNsure account and delete the former broker information and enter in the reference number of the new broker. This can be done through the “Manage My Assister” page in the consumer’s account. 
  • When the change is made to a different broker through the consumer’s MNsure account, a new enrollment record will be sent to the carrier with the new broker information.

Terms and Definitions

Assister Portal: Online portal that enables assisters to apply and enroll on behalf of a consumer who has authorized them.

Book of Business: Consumers that a broker is currently the agent of record.

Resource Links

MNsure Assister Portal Manual (see page 8 & 9- Associating with a Consumer)

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