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Assister Resource Center Service Policy


This policy applies to navigators and certified application counselors (CACs).

Terms and Definitions

  • Assister: for the purposes of this policy, assister refers to navigators and certified application counselors (CACs).
  • ARC: Assister Resource Center
  • LEC: life event change
  • MAXIS: A legacy computer system used by Minnesota state and county workers to determine eligibility for public assistance and health care.
  • METS: Minnesota Eligibility Technology System
  • Mixed eligibility: household with eligibility in more than one program
  • MMIS: Medicaid Management Information System: DHS system for billing and payments for Minnesota health care programs.
  • Personally identifiable information (PII): Any information about an individual maintained by an agency, including 1) any information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual's identity, such as name, Social Security number, date and place of birth, mother's maiden name, or biometric records; and 2) any other information that is linked or linkable to an individual, such as medical, educational, financial and employment information. 
  • SEP: special enrollment period

Policy Details

The Assister Resource Center (ARC) is a group of call center representatives dedicated to supporting the functions of certified navigators and CACs (hereafter referred to as “assisters”). 

The following is a guideline to information and services the ARC can and cannot provide to assisters. 

  • Certified assisters can call the ARC at 833-541-7698 (toll-free) or 651-539-2098 (local).
  • Certified assisters can email inquiries to Emails containing personally identifiable information (PII) must be sent by secure email (see Secure Email Policy for instructions). The ARC will respond to emailed inquiries within one business day.
  • Certified assisters can fax documents to the ARC at 651-431-7572. Please refer to specific policies regarding what types of documents can be faxed.

This policy contains information on the preferred method of contacting ARC for a number of scenarios, or who to contact if the ARC is unable to assist. Please note that the following is not a complete list of all questions ARC is able to respond to. 


Procedures for requesting assistance from ARC, including password resets, manual account creation, case status requests, reporting life events, verifications and more.

Additional Sources for Application Information

  • For information related to MinnesotaCare premiums assisters should call MinnesotaCare.
  • For information related to medical spenddowns assisters should contact the county.
  • For information about county and/or DHS standard procedures contact the agency in question.
  • For guidance comparing or explaining the differences between qualified health plans, the best option is to contact a broker. 
  • For MMIS interface discrepancies contact the servicing agency. 
  • For paper applications not yet entered in to MAXIS or METS, please contact the county. The ARC is not able to see paper applications until they are entered into one of the eligibility systems (i.e. MAXIS or METS) by the county or DHS. Please wait at least 3 weeks before contacting the ARC regarding the status of a paper application. 

Guidelines for Working with the ARC

  • Because this line is specific to assisters, the ARC staff cannot speak to consumers except when getting their authorization to work with an assister, or when doing manual tools (i.e. enrollment/LEC).
  • Due to the potential of data privacy problems, the ARC cannot speak to assisters on speaker phone.
  • Due to staffing limitations, the ARC cannot assist with more than three of an assister’s inquiries per call and can only process six case status requests without the consumer present per day.
  • ARC staff cannot speak to non-assisters or assisters in training.

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