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Qualified Health Plan Enrollment and Termination

ARC staff can assist with manual qualified health plan (QHP) enrollments, terminations, and reporting life events that qualify a consumer for a special enrollment period (SEP).

  1. Assisters must call the ARC.
  2. The consumer must be physically present with the assister, or on the call at the time the call is initiated. ARC staff must speak with the consumer to verify three PIIs and give data privacy and attestation warnings. Examples of PII include: name, address, phone number, email, shared secret, user ID.
  3. After verifying PII and providing the data privacy and attestation warnings, the consumer may authorize the assister to complete the manual enrollment, plan termination or special enrollment with the ARC.

Key points:

  • Consumer must have decided on a QHP to enroll in prior to the assister calling the ARC. MNsure recommends using the online plan comparison tool to evaluate options.
  • Consumer and assister should attempt to enroll online prior to completing a manual enrollment. Enrolling manually is a last resort.
  • To qualify for a SEP, a consumer should first complete an application, and then report a qualifying life event for the special enrollment period.
  • For loss of public program SEPs, consumer cannot be active in MMIS on a public program.
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