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Broker Recertification Policy


This policy applies to MNsure certified brokers.

Policy Details

To maintain a certification with MNsure, brokers must meet the requirements outlined below. Brokers follow this process to become recertified with MNsure.

MNsure Recertification Requirements

There are four primary requirements to maintain broker recertification to sell policies sold on the MNsure marketplace:

  1. Agree to comply with MNsure Code of Conduct.
  2. Maintain active Minnesota producer’s licensure.
  3. Complete required MNsure recertification training annually and pass the assessment.
  4. Report timely changes in:
    • Organization name and/or address.
    • Agency-designated account administrator contact information.
    • Broker’s name, employment status and desired directory address.
    • Other relevant business information regarding licensure and/or status of Minnesota Producer Number or National Producer Number.


  1. Complete any updates to existing contact information in the broker’s registration using MNsure’s online agency and broker registration tool before each annual enrollment or earlier if applicable.
  2. Once updates are complete an automated email is sent out immediately with information on current certification training requirements and instructions for accessing training. The email includes a unique ID for accessing MNsure’s online learning management system.
    • If no contact information has to be updated, an email will not be generated. See Procedure to Request Training Access below to obtain lost or forgotten training login information.
  3. Access MNsure’s online learning management system (Pathlore).
  4. Complete required recertification training. Continuing education (CE) credits will be awarded and reported to Sircon within 10 days of successful completion.
  5. An email confirmation will be sent to each broker after all requirements have been verified complete.

Procedure to Request Training Access

If you have forgotten your assigned unique ID to access training:

  • Contact the designated agency administrator at your agency -- the unique ID can be retrieved from MNsure's online broker registration tool.
  • Contact the Broker Service Line and they will assist you with the unique ID.

Terms and Definitions

  • Recertification: Training requirements to maintain certification for brokers that have had a certified status with MNsure within the prior two years.
  • Registration: The broker’s initial step in the certification process to express interest in completing the process of recertifying with MNsure and to sell products sold on the marketplace.


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