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Notice of Code of Conduct


This policy applies to brokers, navigators, certified application counselors (CACs) and their support staff.

Policy Details

A commitment to honesty, integrity and respect in everything we do.

I commit to:

  • Fulfill the needs of my clients to the best of my ability.
  • Maintain my clients’ confidences.
  • Render timely and exemplary service to my clients.
  • Present accurately and honestly all facts essential to my clients’ health insurance decisions.
  • Keep informed with respect to the Affordable Care Act, related regulations, rules, and MNsure policies and to observe them in my dealings with customers.
  • Cooperate with MNsure in meeting the needs of my clients.
  • Refrain from unprofessional conduct towards my clients, prospective clients, MNsure staff and the staff of partner organizations.
  • Protect client information using appropriate safeguards and refrain from disclosing protected information except as authorized by law.

If I am a licensed broker, I also commit to:

  • Adhere to professional standards of conduct in helping my clients shop for the most appropriate health insurance coverage.
  • Maintain my broker license and notify MNsure immediately if my license lapses.
  • Notify MNsure immediately of any disciplinary actions taken against me/us by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
  • Provide truthful information regarding my appointment(s) with health and/or dental carriers.

I understand that failure to adhere to this agreement may result in corrective action by MNsure including the revocation of my certification to assist clients with MNsure.

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