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Renewal with No APTC

Who gets this notice?

This notice is mailed to consumers who are re-determined eligible for a QHP in the coming coverage year but do not qualify for APTC for one of the following reasons:

  • We can't tell if a federal income tax return was filed for this household for the tax year in which any advanced premium tax credit was received.
  • When they applied for coverage, they either:
    • Chose not to allow the use of income data, including information from tax returns, to help renew their eligibility, or
    • Chose to allow the use of income data to help renew their eligibility for a time period which has expired.
  • Our records show that they may be eligible for or enrolled in Medicare Part A.

This group can include consumers who are not currently enrolled but have applied previously with MNsure. The notice will be viewable the consumer's online account. DO NOT create a new account for any consumers that are in this category.

What should the consumer do?

Consumers who receive this notice should NOT send this form back, but have the following options:

  • File a tax return as soon as possible, including a completed IRS Form 8962, for the year in which payments of advanced premium tax credit were made to their insurance company. Then call the Contact Center.
  • For consumers who have a change to report, they can call the MNsure Contact Center to have their eligibility re-determined. Based on their new eligibility, they can enroll in a QHP during open enrollment, or if eligible for MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance they will receive a notice with instructions on what to do next.
  • Review the information in the notice, confirm it is accurate, and take no action.

If the consumer does not take any action, they will be automatically enrolled into their current plan without APTC.

How to Identify this Notice

  • The MNsure logo is on the upper right of the first page.
  • The title of the notice is, "Health Care Eligibility Renewal Notice."
  • On or close to the second page, it will identify one or more household members that no longer qualify for advanced premium tax credit/cost-sharing reductions and that financial assistance for these members will no longer be in effect on January 1 of the coming year.
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