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ARC Technical Issue Reporting Procedure

Assisters play an important role in helping MNsure quickly identify system issues. Assisters can use the ARC to report technical issues experienced in METS or the assister portal.

  1. Take a screen shot of the issue.
  2. Take note of as much of the following information as possible
    • Username (if the consumer has an online account)
    • Consumer’s name (as entered when creating an account)
    • Consumer’s address
    • Consumer’s date of birth
    • Preliminary eligibility determination (if known)
    • For a QHP enrollment:
      • Whether enrolling online or through a manual enrollment
      • Carrier (if a plan was selected)
    • Time issue occurred
    • Type of error code (if applicable)
    • What browser was being used when the issue was encountered?
    • What part of the application or enrollment process is this issue/error appearing?
    • What exactly was entered? What steps were taken prior to getting the error? What change was being made?
    • Have you experienced this issue before? If so, how many consumers have been affected?
  3. Report the issue to the ARC by phone or email. When emailing, always use a secure email.
  4. The ARC will forward the information to the appropriate team for investigation.

Key points:

  • Technical issues can be called in or emailed.
  • The more specific the information is regarding the issue, the more likely the issue can be addressed.
  • If possible, please email a screen shot of the error, along with a description of the problem, even if the issue is called in.
  • ARC does not have timelines for how long the issue will take to be resolved.
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