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Virtual Meetings Policy


This policy applies to brokers, navigators and certified application counselors (CACs).

Policy Details

Assisters may use virtual meeting tools to carry out enrollment and consumer assistance activities on a voluntary basis provided that the virtual meeting tools safeguard consumer information and maintain consumer privacy in accordance with the assister’s obligations under the MNsure agreement. MNsure does not require use of virtual meeting tools, nor does it only exclusively endorse a specific remote assist tool. This policy has been created at the request of assisters to vet a tool for remote enrollment assistance.

The GoToMeeting tool has been approved by MNsure for use by individual assisters. The assister maintains responsibility for purchase and selection of any tool including GoToMeeting. MNsure will not purchase a subscription to the tool on an assister’s behalf and does not provide training on GoToMeeting or other virtual meeting tools.

Assisters should review their training, certification and contracts with MNsure before considering how to incorporate GoToMeeting or virtual meeting tools into their enrollment assistance work. Assisters are ultimately responsible for all aspects of the enrollment assistance work they provide consumers.


  1. If deemed necessary by the assister and consistent with privacy and security obligations, virtual meeting tools may be used for consumer assistance activities. For example, GoToMeeting is an approved tool that is available on a free 30-day trial period, with monthly subscription and annual contracts available.
  2. When using a virtual meeting tool, assisters will be able to help consumers provided both parties have access to a desktop or laptop computer, internet and a phone line (land or mobile). Phone and internet must be used simultaneously. Smartphones and tablets are not compatible with the MNsure application.
  3. Assister and consumer will agree to a date and time for virtual appointment. With GoToMeeting, an assister will use the “Meet Now” appointment option, rather than the “Schedule a Meeting” option, to avoid sending an access link via email. To initiate the meeting, the assister will call the consumer and provide the session ID. The consumer will go to and enter the session ID. Click Yes or Always (Trust if using a Mac) if prompted to accept the download.
  4. Screen sharing needs to be turned on after starting a meeting. GoToMeeting starts with this function turned off to prevent early attendees from viewing the meeting initiator’s screen ahead of the start time.
  5. The consumer must have keyboard control at all times during the virtual assist to ensure that the information being entered is accurate and traced to the appropriate person. This is especially critical for the attestation at the end of the application.
  6. Assisters should never record virtual meeting sessions, including screens and audio.
  7. All technical support using a virtual meeting tool, including GoToMeeting, should be directed to the vendor. MNsure is not authorized to provide any technical support for virtual meeting tools such as GoToMeeting.

Terms and Definitions

  • Assister: Refers to brokers, navigators and certified application counselors (CACs).
  • GoToMeeting: A web-hosted service created and marketed by the online services division of Citrix Systems. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing and video conferencing software.
  • Virtual meeting: A meeting where parties in different locations are able to discuss and/or share computer screens through the internet and/or video.


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