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Request Secure Email

Instructions for navigators on how to request a secure email. The secure email policy can be found in the Assister Joint Policies and Procedures.

Emails containing personal health information (PHI) must be sent through secure email. To request a secure email for an inquiry that contains PHI:

  1. Send a regular email to, and in the subject line, type "request secure email."
  2. The Assister Resource Center (ARC) will send a secure email redirecting with a link to a secure site.
  3. Go to that site to set up an account.
  4. Secure emails may then be sent from that account to the ARC.

How to Open a Secure Email from MNsure

  1. A secure email from MNsure will come from an email address ending in The subject line will say "Encrypted Email." The content of the email will say: [Sender's name and email address] has sent you a protected message. There is a blue colored button that says "Read the message" with a padlock icon above it. Select this button to open and access the encrypted email.
  2. If you are expecting an email from MNsure and have not received it, check your junk or spam folders before emailing the ARC again.
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