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Training Information

Tips on how to have a successful training experience. 

Before You Begin Training

  • Confirm you are using an up-to-date version of Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome or Edge.
  • Make sure ALL pop-up blockers are turned off during learning sessions.
  • Add as a trusted site. Find this under internet options - security tab - trusted sites.
  • Some organizations have firewall protection systems in that may block the training; contact your organization's help desk for assistance.
  • Training cannot be completed on a tablet such as iPad or Kindle.
  • If you have made several unsuccessful attempts you may forward the link to your personal computer.
  • Please be patient. Internet speed may affect how quickly information is loaded.
  • If you need to take a break while in the middle of a lesson, close the lesson completely. You can resume the lesson by clicking the Continue button.
  • Training system updates and maintenance happen on Friday mornings. It may be best to refrain from working on training coursework on Friday mornings before 10:00 a. m. CST.

Steps for Completing Training

Follow these steps to access and begin your training:

  • Navigate to the MNsure Learning Center
  • Select the Sign On link found on the upper right-hand corner of the web page under the “learning and certification portal” bar.
  • Enter your assigned Training ID into the “Unique Key” field and select OK. You should have received this via email.
  • Confirm that your name is in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the “your learning path summary” link.
  • Select the plus (+) sign next to a course to view all lessons of the course.

Learning path summary showing plus sign to expand

  • Each lesson may have multiple parts. You must complete all parts of the lesson in an assigned course or your completion will not be recorded. The course activities tab will show all parts of a lesson.

Learning path summary showing course activities

  • Complete lessons in order, then complete the assessment. To pass the assessment, you must score 80% or better.
  • When you have completed each lesson or course the statues will change to Completed, Mastered or Finished on the course activities tab.
  • Your learning path will show complete/all current when a curriculum is completed.
  • When you have completed your training or you need to sign out for the day, select the drop-down arrow by your name on the right-hand side of the screen and select Sign off.

If you are unsure which courses you need to complete, please refer to the certification/recertification notification email you received from MNsure, check the Certification and Recertification on Broker One Stop or contact your agency administrator.

Tips for Course Completion Credit

  • If you continue to have issues complete training, email (DO NOT CALL) the Broker Service Line for training issues as they will not be able to assist you over the phone.
  • While in the training, click the "next" button to advance to the next screen. All MNsure certification courses are timed, so the "next" button will not appear until the minimum screen time has elapsed. Screens that include a link to additional information have a longer screen time to allow you to explore all the information offered.
  • To get credit for completing the course, you need to participate in the interactions that are included in the course. Make sure you have clicked on every interaction on the screen before proceeding to the next screen. We have found that some users get to the end of the course and do not see "mastered" as the status. If this occurs you need to go through all of the screens from the beginning and click the interactions that were missed.
  • After you complete a module, the status for that module will indicate "mastered."
  • If you are coming back to a module you weren't able to finish previously make sure to click on the "Continue" link to take you back to where you left off.

Printing Your Transcript

  • Once you have completed assigned courses, you can print a copy of your transcript. Course completion information is automatically reported to MNsure. Printing your transcript is for your personal records.
    • Select the main menu icon on the top left and select "your learning transcript" link.
    • Select the printer icon on the upper left to launch a printable transcript.
    • Depending on your computer settings, you can either save the transcript as a PDF or send the transcript to a printer.
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