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How to Manage Your Assister

If you are working with one of MNsure’s certified assisters—a broker, navigator or certified application counselor—you can give them permission to act on your behalf to submit an application or enroll in a plan. Below are instructions on how to use the “Manage my Assister” feature in your online account to:

You can find a broker or navigator in your area by using MNsure’s Assister Directory.

To learn more about authorizing an assister, review the FAQ. If you give authorization to an assister you are working with, you are still responsible for responding to any notices you may receive and paying any premiums that may be required to start your coverage.

How to Authorize an Assister to Act on Your Behalf 

  1. The assister you are working with will give you a seven-digit reference number to enter into your online MNsure account to authorize them permission to act on your behalf.
  2. Log in to your account, go to the "Your Account" menu option and select the "Your Assister" menu.
  3. The "Your Assister" page will open. To authorize your assister, click "Assign An Assister."
  4. Enter the seven-digit reference number you received from your assister in the "Enter the seven-digit Assister reference number" field and click the magnifying glass (search) button.
  5. If you entered a valid reference number the page will display information about the assister. Select the "Assign this Assister" button to continue assigning your assister. (If you do not see the correct name, reference number or contact information, contact the assister you are working with)
  6. The "Assister Authorization/Agent of Record" page will open. Carefully read this information. Your assister can provide you with a copy of this information, if requested.
  7. If you click the "I agree" button, your assister will now be authorized to act on your behalf. The "Your Assister" page will now show your "Assigned Assister Details."

How to Change or Remove Your an Assister 

You can remove an assister at any time; however, that action will not affect information provided or actions taken by that assister prior to that date. You can also call the MNsure Contact Center at 855-366-7873 to request that an assister be removed.

  1. After you log in to your account, click on the "Your Account" menu option and the "Your Assister" menu.
  2. The "Your Assister" page will open. You will see the name and contact information for the assister that is currently helping you. Select the "Change or Remove this Assister" button and select the "Remove Assister" button.

If you need to add a new assister to act on your behalf or removed your assister by mistake, follow the steps above to add your assister.

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