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If you have recently received a notice from MNsure, please read it carefully because you may need to take action.

Below are some of the notices we often get questions about. If you have questions about a notice that is not listed below, call our Contact Center or get local help from a MNsure-certified assister.

If you need help with a notice about MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance, contact the Department of Human Services.

Annual Eligibility Renewal Notice

A yearly notice with updated eligibility for enrolling through MNsure in the coming year, and updated eligibility for tax credits for those who applied.

Eligibility Verification Notice

Sent to individuals who need to verify their citizenship, lawful presence or incarceration status.

Employer Shared Responsibility Notice

Sent to employers when one of their employees is found eligible for a qualified health plan with tax credits through MNsure.

Health Care Eligibility Notice

Sent to consumers who submit an application or experience a change in eligibility for coverage through MNsure.

Health Care Notice - C11

Informs a consumer that their current application has been closed and they need to complete a new application.

Request for Information

Asks for more information from one or more household members about a change they have reported to MNsure.

Special Enrollment Period Open

Consumers who qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP) are notified their SEP is open.

Special Enrollment Period Verification Request

Consumers who need to verify a qualifying life event they have reported receive this notice.

View Notices Online

How to view notices through your MNsure account.

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