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2. Additional Information

Additional information needed about exemptions, tobacco use and privacy notice acknowledgement before you can proceed with online enrollment in a private plan through MNsure.

Hardship Exemption

If you have received a hardship exemption, the plan results will show you catastrophic medical plans if available to you--there are certain requirements for purchasing a catastrophic plan. You will need your hardship exemption certificate number, which you will receive once you are determined eligible for a hardship exemption.

If anyone has a hardship exemption, check the box indicating this applies to you and enter the hardship exemption number before proceeding to the next screen. 

Tobacco Use

You'll need to answer “yes” or “no” to tobacco use for each of the household members shown.

Insurance companies can charge tobacco users more for coverage (does not apply to religious or ceremonial use). This question is not optional—it is used for plan premium information and sent to the insurance company.

Privacy Notice

Finally, read the privacy notice and click Continue if you acknowledge you have read and understand the notice.

Next: select the members you want to shop for first.

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