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Health Reimbursement Arrangements

If you are offered a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) by an employer to help pay for health insurance for 2024, you may not qualify for tax credits to help purchase a private health plan through MNsure. There are two types of HRAs that could affect your eligibility for tax credits through MNsure:

  • An individual coverage HRA (ICHRA)
  • A qualified small employer HRA (QSEHRA)

One of these terms will appear on the notice from your employer.

The HRA affordability worksheets available on this page will help you determine how the ICHRA or QSEHRA you're offered may affect your eligibility for a tax credit and what to do next.

You should have received a written notice from your employer explaining the terms of the HRA you are offered. You will need that notice, along with information to help estimate your 2024 household income, when you are ready to use the worksheets.

FAQ about HRAs and Tax Credits

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