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Use Your Coverage

Once your coverage starts, use it to help cover your medical costs. Remember that all marketplace health plans include 10 essential benefits.

Tips to Get Started

  • Be sure to pay your monthly premium to your health insurance company on time.
  • Review your summary of benefits and coverage to get a good overview of what your plan covers.
  • To get comprehensive information about your plan's coverage, refer to the evidence of coverage for your plan.
  • Understand the out-of-pocket costs for your plan. (This can save you money!)
  • If you have questions about your coverage, call your insurance company to get help.
  • Schedule preventive care appointments (these are free if used inside your network).
  • Get emergency care. For emergency situations, find the nearest hospital or health facility, even if it is out of your network. You won't be charged extra for out-of-network emergency services.

Coverage to Care

Coverage to Care Roadmap explains what health coverage is, and how to use it to get the primary care and preventive services to help you and your family live long, healthy lives.

Find a Primary Care Doctor

Your health plan may require you to select a primary care doctor. This doctor will be your first stop for checkups, minor injuries, or minor illnesses.

Fill Prescriptions

The prescription drugs covered can vary from plan to plan. Tips to see if your medication is covered through your plan.

Know Your Provider Network

A provider network is a list of the doctors, other health care providers, and hospitals your health insurer or plan has attached to it.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

The summary of benefits (SBC) is a document provided by your insurance company that explains in plain language the benefits of your plan and what your plan covers.

Your Health Insurance Card

After you enroll in a private health plan and pay your first month's premium, you will receive a membership package with your insurance card.

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