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Report Loss of Health Coverage

Report to us if you or a member of your household lost or will lose health coverage, including:

  • You lose health insurance you had through a job
  • You turn 26, and can no longer be on your parents' health plan
  • You lose coverage you had with Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare

You can report this change up to 60 days before the change occurs. 

Have this information ready when you report this change:

  • The date the coverage ended or will end
  • The type of insurance coverage lost (if it's not through an employer)

This change may qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP):

The loss of health insurance coverage that is considered "minimum essential coverage (MEC)"  can make you eligible for a SEP.

Documents needed to apply for a SEP with this change.

How to apply for a SEP.

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