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Renew or Change Private Coverage

How to renew or change your coverage in a private health plan during the annual open enrollment period. Open enrollment for 2022 runs November 1 through January 15. 

Need a refresher on how keep or change your plan? Here are the basic steps:

Review eligibility
Confirm and, or, Update Account Info
compare and estimate
keep or change plan

What do you want to do?

Even if you like your current plan, it makes sense for you to see what’s new for next year by comparing plans and getting estimates. You may decide to change your plan or your application. Find details below on your next steps.

Change Application

How to change your application and apply for financial help.

Change Plan

How to change private plan coverage.

Plan Crosswalk

Search by insurance company to see if a medical or dental plan is offered next year. 

Renew (Keep Same Plan)

How to renew your coverage in a private health plan.

Renewal FAQ

Frequently asked questions about renewing coverage.

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