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Is Your Employer Insurance Affordable?

A change in federal law fixed the “family glitch.” This means family members of Minnesotans with offers of employer-sponsored health insurance determined unaffordable may have new opportunities to access subsidized coverage through MNsure, even if they weren’t eligible before.

Find Out if You Could Qualify

Use the Employer Insurance Affordability Estimator to see if your employer-sponsored insurance for yourself and/or your family may be considered unaffordable and to see if you and/or your family might save on private insurance premiums through MNsure. (To get an official determination on your eligibility for financial help you’ll need to apply through MNsure and select the application WITH financial help.)

Employer Insurance Affordability Estimator

Understanding Your Private Insurance Options

Need help deciding what plan is best for you? MNsure-certified health insurance brokers can walk you through your options and help you enroll in a plan. (The enrollment period to sign up for 2024 private insurance ended January 15, but you may be eligible to enroll now through a special enrollment period.)

IMPORTANT: Do not disenroll or choose to not enroll in your employer-sponsored insurance while waiting to receive your official eligibility determination from MNsure. If you have questions about your options between employer-sponsored insurance or coverage through MNsure you can get free help from a MNsure-certified broker.

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