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How to Apply WITH Financial Help

Set aside enough time to complete the application and enroll in a plan in one sitting. We recommend you do not save your work part way through and come back later. 

Start Here - What's On this Application

An overview of what's on this application and how to navigate it online.

1. Sign In - Choose an Application

Information about signing into your account and choosing an application.

2. Applicant Details

Entering information about the primary contact, tips and help with this section.

3. Household Information

People to include in your household and entering information about your household.

4. Household Income

Reporting current income for each person listed on your application.

5. Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Information about household members who have access to employer-sponsored insurance (ESI).

6. Summary and Signature

Reviewing your application, signing and submitting your application.

7. Eligibility Determination

After you submit your application, you'll see the eligibility screen telling you if you qualify for financial assistance.

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