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Insulin Affordability

All five insurers selling plans on MNsure are offering either low-cost or free insulin benefits to consumers in 2021. How to find information about insulin benefits offered by these insurance companies is explained below.

If you have questions about insulin coverage and costs for a particular plan, contact the insurance company.

If you are looking for information about the Minnesota Insulin Safety Net Program, visit

Insulin Benefit Information for HealthPartners

For covered insulins, HealthPartners members pay $25 per prescription per month, at most.

Find more information on the insulins covered on the HealthPartners drug list.

Insulin Benefit Information for Quartz

  • For pharmacy benefits that are subject to deductible and co-insurance, insulins on tier 1 (preferred generics) and tier 2 (preferred brands) of the Quartz drug list are offered at no cost to the member.
  • For pharmacy benefits that are subject to a co-pay, insulins on tier 1 and tier 2 of the Quartz drug list are offered at the lesser of the applicable co-pay on the plan or $10.
  • Tier 3 (non-preferred generic and brand) insulins are subject to the cost sharing of tier 3 pharmacy benefits on all plans.

Insulin Benefit Information for Blue Plus, Medica and UCare

  • Open the plan comparison tool.
  • Enter your basic information to get the plan results available to you in 2021 (2021 coverage year, your birth date and ZIP code). 
  • Click the Browse Plans button.
  • On the Tell Us about Your Health Care Needs screen you can fill in the optional information to customize your results or click Skip to View Plans button to go directly to the Plan Results screen.
  • Click the Plan Details button on a BluePlus, Medica or UCare plan you are interested in (or compare up to three plans side by side).
  • On the Plan Details screen, scroll down to the section titled "Drugs" and under the last column, "Additional Information" hover over the "view" link to see a benefit explanation about insulin benefit. (See image below.)
    Medica and Ucare benefit explanation
  • The summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) for each Medica and UCare plan also includes information about the insulin benefit. The link to the SBC is on the Plan Details page under Benefits Resources. (See image below.)
    Medica and Ucare SBC link
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