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Apply for a SEP

If you qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP), you usually have up to 60 days following the event to enroll in a plan. The date you select your plan during a SEP determines your coverage start date: make sure you understand the key dates for your  life event. 

Help is available: You can get expert help applying for a SEP from an assister near you.

How to Apply for a SEP

If you do not have an application started with MNsure you will first need to create an account and complete an application. This will determine if you are eligible to enroll in a private plan (qualified health plan) through MNsure, and if you are eligible for financial help. If you qualify for Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare, you will not need to continue with the following steps and choose a plan—your plan options will be mailed to you by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.


  • If you were enrolled in Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare and are newly eligible for a qualified health plan do NOT create a new account and application. Start with step 1 below. 
  • If you have a current application and need to make a change or correction, call MNsure at 651-539-2099 (855-366-7873 outside the Twin Cities).

If You are Eligible for a Qualified Health Plan

1. Sign in to your account and navigate to your enrollment dashboard. (See how to get to your enrollment dashboard.)

2. Under Next Steps, click Confirm Event.

3. Select your life event and enter the date it occurred. (More information on events and event dates.)

  • If you don’t see your life event, call the Contact Center for help.
  • If the time period for your life event has expired, you will get a message saying you are not eligible for a SEP. 

4. Click Continue and then Confirm if the information is correct.

5. A page will display with instructions on how to send documents to us that verify your life event.

6. After we receive your documents, we’ll send you confirmation through your enrollment dashboard inbox and by mail whether your SEP has been approved or denied, or if we need more information from you.

  • You can check your enrollment dashboard to see if the Shop for Plans button appears under Next Steps: this means a SEP is open and you can shop for plans. 
  • You can check the status of a verification you sent with our online help form.

7. Once you get notified your SEP is approved, go to your enrollment dashboard and shop for and enroll in a plan.

8. Pay the first month's premium to your insurance company. Your coverage will not start until you complete this step.

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