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Check Enrollment Status

Before your coverage begins, you will receive information directly from your insurance company. In most cases, you must pay your first premium before your insurance is effective.

To check your enrollment status in a private medical or dental plan follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your account and click Go to your account under the Current Customers heading. This will take you to your account homepage.
  2. Click View Next Year Eligibility Results
  3. Click the Enroll in Plans button to go to your enrollment dashboard
  4. On your dashboard, scroll down to Your Medical Plans or Your Dental Plans to see the status of your enrollment:
    • Complete or Enrolled: means you are enrolled in the plan and no further action is needed.
    • Pending: means you are enrolled in the plan but have not paid the first month's premium to the insurance company or MNsure has not yet received confirmation of the payment. If you sent a payment and you see the pending status, call your insurance company to verify payment was received.

Example screen showing enrollment confirmation on the dashboard, with a pending status for both medical and dental plans.

enrollment confirmation on the dashboard

Enrollment History

The enrollment history in your dashboard will show plans you have enrolled in (starting in 2020). If you cancel or disenroll from a plan, this status will display in your enrollment history.

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