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About MNsure

MNsure is a marketplace where Minnesotans can shop, compare and choose health insurance coverage that meets their needs. MNsure is the only place where consumers can qualify for financial help either through federal tax credits or through MinnesotaCare and Medical Assistance.

All MNsure plans include coverage for essential health benefits and consumer protections.


Minnesota has a long, distinguished history of health reform, often leading the nation and setting the standard to follow. In 2008, we passed a state health reform law that improves community health, patient experience and affordability of health care.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which became law in March 2010, called for the establishment of a federal health insurance exchange/marketplace, and gave states the option to create their own. Minnesota chose to further advance its health care system by building MNsure, a Minnesota-made health insurance marketplace, tailored to the needs of our state's families, employers, and health care system.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To ensure all Minnesotans have the security of health insurance.

Vision: To create a statewide resource that provides access to private health insurance and public medical assistance programs.

Board and Advisory Committee Document Library

Find meeting summaries, planning documents and other reference materials used by the MNsure Board of Directors and MNsure advisory committees.

Contact Us

Call 1-855-366-7873 or 651-539-2099, or email us with your feedback and suggestions.

Requests for Proposal

All open requests for proposal are available here, along with closed RFPs for reference.

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