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Report Income Change

Changes in household income can affect your eligibility for coverage or financial assistance. If you don’t report income changes, you could end up with the wrong amount of financial assistance or even the wrong health insurance plan. Report changes in income due to a new job, if you lose a job, a change in your current income, or a change to your projected annual income.

To report this change, gather the information needed and call the MNsure Contact Center at 651-539-2099 (855-366-7873 outside the Twin Cities).

When to report an income change:

  • Changes to current income cannot be reported more than seven days in advance of the change
  • Changes to projected annual income can be reported any time

Have ready when you report an income change:

  • The date the income change happened.
  • If it is new income, the frequency of the income.
  • If an income source has ended, is there also employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) listed on your MNsure application that has ended? If so, what date?
  • If it is new income from a job, does the new employer offer health insurance? Have details ready about the new employer and the insurance, if it is offered. 

Certain income changes may qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP): 

If an income change causes you to become newly eligible or ineligible for advanced premium tax credit (APTC) or cost-sharing reductions (CSR), this may qualify you for a SEP.

Income change is often related to other changes:

  • Income changes are often tied to other changes, like adding a household member due to marriage or the loss of health coverage due to a job loss. 
  • These other changes can also make you eligible for a SEP. To take advantage of the opportunity for a SEP, you may want to review how to report them and the documents needed to apply for a SEP before calling us to report your income change.
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