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Report or Claim Tax Credit

The information here is for only those individuals who enrolled in private coverage through MNsure and either received a tax credit in advance to help pay their insurance premiums or are seeking to claim a tax credit on their annual tax return.

IRS Form 8962

If a premium tax credit was applied to your coverage to help pay your health insurance premiums, or if you would like to claim the premium tax credit at the end of the year on your federal tax return, you must file IRS Form 8962 (Premium Tax Credit) with your tax return. Form 8962 is used to compare how much tax credit you used in the last tax year to what you qualify for.

To fill out Form 8962 you will need your IRS Form 1095-A and possibly information from one of MNsure's plan premium lookup tools.

sample of Form 8962 (PDF) and instructions (PDF) can be found on the IRS website.

Your IRS Form 1095-A shows the tax credit amount for each month the tax credit was applied to your coverage to help pay your premium.

Plan Premium Lookup

If your IRS Form 1095-A does not include a premium amount for the second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) for any month you were covered, then you can use a plan premium lookup tool to find the correct premium amount to enter on your IRS Form 8962. This correct premium amount is for the SLCSP that applies to you or eligible members of your household who were enrolled in a private health plan. (The IRS uses the SLCSP and other information to determine the amount of premium tax credits for which you qualify).

Who Needs to Look Up Plan Premiums

You'll need to look up plan premiums if the IRS Form 1095-A that MNsure sent you does not include a premium amount for your SLCSP or if the information is outdated. This could happen if:

  • You had a change to your household in the tax year that you did not report to MNsure, like gaining access to other coverage through an employer during the coverage year.
  • You did not apply for financial assistance when you applied for coverage through MNsure, but you now want to find out if you qualify.
  • Advanced premium tax credits (APTC) were not applied to your monthly premiums during the tax year.

You can also use a plan premium lookup to verify the SLCSP value on your Form 1095-A.

Use one of the following links to look up plan premiums:

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