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Annual Eligibility Renewal Notice

This notice is sent once a year, in the fall. It is a reminder of the upcoming annual open enrollment period and a reminder to make sure MNsure has your up-to-date information for the new year.

This notice explains your household’s eligibility for enrolling in coverage through MNsure for the coming year based on the information we currently have on your household. It will tell you if you or members of your household qualify to enroll through MNsure, and if so, if they are eligible for any financial assistance like cost-sharing reductions or premium tax credits.

This notice is NOT about how to renew your health or dental plan coverage.

Who Gets this Notice

If you have applied for health insurance through MNsure and were determined eligible to purchase a qualified health plan (private plan), you will receive this notice in the mail (it will also be available in your online account). 

What You Need to Do

  • Check that all the information for each individual is correct. 
  • Contact MNsure if any of the information will be changing for next year. Outdated or incorrect information could affect your eligibility to enroll in coverage or for financial help in the coming year so it is important to report changes as soon as possible.
  • If the notice says "ACTION NEEDED" on the first page, you must provide the information requested by the due date to verify your eligibility (see the "more information" section further down in your notice).
  • If you or your family members listed on the notice are not enrolled through MNsure and are not seeking coverage in the coming year, you can disregard the notice. 

How to Identify this Notice

  • The MNsure logo is on the upper right of the first page. 
  • The title of the notice is, "Health Care Eligibility Renewal Notice."
  • It contains information for each household member on your MNsure application. 
  • It may be 20 or more pages long depending on your household size.

Eligibility Status

This section displays information about each household member’s eligibility, with their name, MNsure ID number and a summary table. Under each eligibility table is information further explaining the eligibility for that person and actions they may need to take.

Example of "Eligibility Status" table
Coverage Type Eligibility Status Program Effective Date
This column will show: "Qualified Health Plan with Advanced Premium Tax Credit/Cost-Sharing Reductions" or
"Qualified Health Plan"
This column will show whether the individual is eligible or not for the coverage type in the next column. It will show:
"Approved" or
"Does not qualify"
This column will show the date when the eligibility for the coverage type-- shown in the first column--begins or ends.

Information Summary

This section covers the household's relationships, tax filing, other health insurance, and income. This information is used to determine your household's eligibility for the coming year. 

Need More Information

This section is included if you need to send MNsure supporting documents for one or more individuals in your household.

Example of "Need more information" table
Due Date Needed Information Supporting Documents
Date documents are due to MNsure Examples:
Proof of citizenship,
Social Security number
Documents that are accepted as proof of the information needed. Examples:
U.S. passport, 
State driver’s license


If you have questions about this notice, call the MNsure Contact Center at 651-539-2099 (855-366-7873 outside the Twin Cities) and reference “PARN.”

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