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3. Household Information

Many of the same questions asked in the previous section about the primary contact will now be asked about other household members.

People to Include (Your "Household")

In this section, you will enter information about all the people in your household. To get the correct financial help you must include all members of your household, even if they are not applying. 

You’ll need to tell us about all the family members that live with you. If you file taxes, we need to know about everyone on your tax return.

DO include: 

  • Yourself 
  • Your spouse
  • Your children under 19 that live with you
  • Your spouse’s children under 19 that live with you
  • Your unmarried partner, if you have children together
  • Anyone you include on your tax return, even if that person does not live with you
  • Anyone else under 19 that you take care of and that lives with you Include the people above, even if they do not need health care coverage. 

DO NOT include:

  • Your children 19 years old or older that you do not expect to claim as tax dependents
  • Your spouse’s children 19 years old or older that you do not expect to claim as tax dependents
  • Your unmarried partner, if you do not have any children together and do not file taxes together
  • Your unmarried partner’s children, if they are not related to you and you do not expect to claim them as tax dependents
  • Other people that live with you but are not your spouse or children and that you do not file taxes with (roommates, for example)
  • Your parents, if you are 19 years old or older, your parents do not expect to claim you as a tax dependent, and you do not expect to claim them as tax dependents 

These people may file a separate application for health care coverage. The amount of assistance or type of program you qualify for depends on the number of people in your family and their incomes. This information helps us make sure everyone gets the best coverage he or she can.

Enter other household members one at a time by selecting "Yes" for the question "Is there anyone else in the household?" 

Complete all required questions for each member, even if they are not applying for coverage

If the primary contact is not applying for coverage, enter the primary applicant first. This should be an adult if the household includes both adults and children. 

If this applicant is an adult female, there will be a question about pregnancy. If the answer is "Yes," there will be more questions about pregnancy information.

More People?

The More People section is where you can review the household members you have added to your application so far and decide whether to add more people. Choose yes or no. When you have added all household members, select "No" for the question, "Do you need to add any more people?"


After all household members are added, you’ll be asked about the relationships between the household members, including children. 

Select the most appropriate description of the relationship between each household member. There is a long list to choose from, read it carefully. 

Help with this section:

For unmarried partners with children in the household, select "Is Unrelated to" for the relationship.

Tax Filer Information

In this section you’ll select any of the household members that expect to file taxes this year. Most adults who receive any sort of income are expected to file taxes. 

Help with this section: 

  • For married couples filing jointly, select both people.
  • Don't select people who will be listed as dependents on your federal tax return unless they are also required to file their own tax return.
  • If a child will be filing taxes, click the box under their name. If their income is under IRS tax filing guidelines, their income will be excluded from financial assistance calculations.

Tax Filing Status 

Enter information on the tax filing statuses and exemptions for the members in the household. 

Married couples will be asked if they plan to file federal taxes jointly. (If a married couple files their federal taxes separately, they will not be eligible for a premium tax credit.)

Tax Dependent Information 

In this section, indicate who in the household is claimed as a dependent on someone else’s federal tax return for the coverage year you are applying for.

Household Summary 

Review the Household Summary to make sure the information you have entered is complete and accurate. Check for duplicate or missing information. Click the Change or Remove link at the end of any line to make edits. 

IMPORTANT: After the application is electronically signed and submitted, changes can only be made by contacting the MNsure Contact Center, the Department of Human Services (DHS), or your county or tribal agency, depending on which program you are eligible for.

Who to include in your household.
Who to include in your household for the application with financial help.
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