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Start Here - What's On this Application

Application WITH Financial Help

  • Use this application to apply for anyone in your family.
  • Apply even if you or your child already has health coverage. You could be eligible for lower-cost or free coverage.
  • Families that include immigrants can apply. You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to qualify for health coverage through MNsure. Minnesota residents who are in the U.S. legally can be eligible. You can apply for your child even if you are not eligible for coverage. Additional information about immigration and public benefits: Does Public Charge Apply to You? (English PDF), (Hmong PDF), (Karen PDF), (Somali PDF) (Spanish PDF).

This application scans your income and other information to determine what coverage you qualify for and if you can get any help paying for it through tax credits, cost-sharing reductions, MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance (MA). After you submit this application, you’ll see a screen with the results, also known as the “eligibility determination.”

Other options for accessing Medical Assistance (MA): Even if the results of the eligibility determination show that you do not qualify for MA or MinnesotaCare, you or someone in your household may still qualify for low-cost or no-cost health insurance. A child may qualify for MA under the Tax Equity Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) option if the child has a disability and household income is too high for the child to otherwise receive MA or MinnesotaCare. More information about qualifying for MA under the TEFRA option.

Who is in Your Household?

Who should you include on your application? See household information.

Income to Report

MNsure estimates your household income to figure how much financial assistance you may get. See income to report.

Immigration Status and Social Security Numbers

You do not need to provide immigration status or a Social Security number (SSN) for people that are not applying for health care coverage. Providing an SSN for all household members can speed up the application process. We use SSNs to check income and other information to see who is eligible for help with health coverage costs. 

If someone wants help getting an SSN, call 800-772-1213 or visit If you are a TTY user, call 800-325-0778, or use your preferred relay service. We will keep all information you provide private and secure as required by law. We will use personal information only to check whether you are eligible for health coverage.

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