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Authorized Agency Contacts

The Background Study Information section in the Agency Management Program (AMP) must be completed for all staff seeking certification. This page contains information on how to request and monitor an individual's background study using the Agency Management Program (AMP).

Background Study for New Staff

  1. Provide new staff with the Background Study Process for Certifying Staff Tip Sheet (PDF) so they can understand their role and responsibilities as an applicant for a background study. Review the tip sheet so you understand all of the steps new staff needs to complete for their background study. 
    • Note: MNsure is unable to initiate a background study until new staff member has completed the first two required training courses.
  2. Have the individual complete and sign the Background Study Consent Form (PDF). The individual must also provide you with a legible copy/image of an acceptable form of identification. Acceptable forms of identification include:
    • A valid driver's license or identification card (the issuing authority must be a U.S. state or territory)
    • A valid U.S. passport or U.S. passport card
    • Note: The individual must use the same form of identification for all parts of the background study. For example, the individual cannot provide a driver's license to MNsure and use a passport for their fingerprinting and photograph appointment.
  3. Upload the completed Background Study Consent Form and acceptable form of identification in the Agency Management Program (AMP). MNsure will not accept documents emailed to the ARC. For each document type, please only upload one matching document. For example, if you have a document that includes both the Background Study Consent Form and a copy of the Background Study ID, you will need to separate that document into two files before you upload them. One for the "Background Study Consent" type upload and one for the "Background Study ID" type upload. Visit the Upload Background Study Documents page for more instructions. 
  4. Monitor the progress of the individual's background study to make sure they meet important deadlines. Visit the Monitor a Background Study page for more information.
  5. Once the individual has completed the fingerprinting and photograph appointment, upload a copy or image of the receipt. MNsure will not process their certification without a legible receipt.
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