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Here you will find articles specific to your work as well as all the latest policy updates and information for all MNsure-certified assisters. The announcements can be filtered by 'Broker', 'Navigator / CACs' and also by date.

Reporting Technical Issues to the ARC and Broker Line

11/17/2017 12:44:51 PM

When reporting a technical issue please send the following in a secure email. 

  • Description of the tech issue(s)

  • User name for consumer or broker if technical issue is happening while logged in to the consumer or your account.

Please see our /assister-central/policies/secure-email.jspSecure Email Policy as well as the /assister-central/navigator-one-stop/policy-procedures/arc-service-line-policy.jspARC Service Line Policy and /assister-central/broker-one-stop/policy-procedures/broker-service-line-policy.jspBroker Line Service Policy located  in the Policies and Procedures pages of Broker One Stop and Navigator One Stop for further information.


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