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Federal Tax Information (FTI) Authorization

11/22/2017 8:42:15 AM

This past summer MNsure mailed notices to households that had not provided MNsure with authorization to retrieve IRS data for 2018 eligibility determinations (known as the FTI authorization). Consumers who received the notices can use the information from the notice to provide their consent through an online tool. The online tool can only be used for consumers who receive the notice in the mail. 

Consumers that didn’t receive a notice or would prefer use a paper authorization form instead of the secure online form should call 651-539-2240 and be prepared to leave the following information in a voicemail:

  • Full first and last name, stated clearly.
  • Address. The address must match what MNsure has in METS or the form cannot be sent. If the consumer has changed addresses, the consumer should first call the MNsure Contact Center to report that change.
  • IC number from METS. The IC number is the “Reference Number” included at the top of all consumer notices from MNsure. Consumers can also call the MNsure Contact Center to request their IC number.

The paper form will be sent to the tax filer on the application. This may be the primary applicant, their spouse, or a parent if the primary applicant is a dependent.

Once MNsure receives the message, we will verify the information. MNsure will attempt to call the consumer if we are unable to send the paper form for any reason.


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