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Privacy Reminders

12/14/2017 9:09:04 AM

Assisters play a vital role in protecting the privacy of our consumers. But, during a busy open enrollment season it is easy for a small mistake to unintentionally disclose private data. Here are some specific tips to ensure consumers know their data is secure.

  • Communicate with consumers about how their private data will be used. Consumers must provide MNsure with a significant amount of private data while applying for health insurance and frequently have questions. Along with reading MNsure’s required privacy warnings, assisters should clearly communicate what data, if any, will be retained by the assister, and what will be sent to MNsure. Several consumers have reported to MNsure what they believed to be fraud because they misunderstood why their private information was being collected.
  • Limit paper forms. Paper forms, like manual account creation requests and paper applications, can too easily be lost or misplaced. Avoid using or sending these paper forms unless absolutely necessary. If a paper form is needed, be sure to keep a record of how (fax or mail), where and when it was sent. These records can be vital if the need arises to demonstrate to the consumer that their data was kept safe.
  • Slow down and double check. Privacy breaches are often caused by simple human errors. Take time to double check communications before they are sent. Do you have the correct email recipient or fax number? Does it contain information about the correct consumer? Taking a few seconds before hitting send can prevent a breach – and a headache.

For more information see MNsure’s /resources/terms-conditions.jspPrivacy Policy and /resources/privacy-warnings.jspPrivacy Warnings.


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