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Read the latest announcements for MNsure-certified assisters. The announcements can be filtered by 'Broker', 'Navigator / CACs' and also by date.

Deadline Reminders

12/19/2017 8:30:07 AM

Here are a few important things you should remember about this deadline week

  • Consumers must enroll in a qualified health plan (QHP) by 11:59 p.m. on December 20 to enroll in January coverage. Missing this deadline means they risk having a gap in their 2018 coverage. Any QHP selected online through the MNsure marketplace after midnight will receive a February 1, 2018 effective date. Minnesota’s open enrollment ends January 14, 2018.
  • On December 20, the MNsure Contact Center and Broker Line will be open until midnight. If you are on hold at midnight, do not hang up…all calls will be answered! Because the online marketplace closes at midnight on the 20th, eligible consumers on the phone after midnight will be manually enrolled with a January 1, 2018 effective date.
  • Please be aware that the Assister Resource Center (ARC) will close at 6 p.m. during the deadline week. The ARC has historically experienced very minimal call volume in the evening during deadline periods. By closing the ARC at 6 p.m., we are able to have more ARC staff available during the busy daytime hours. If your agency plans to provide application/enrollment assistance to consumers during times the ARC will be closed, please send those details to the ARC at so we can work with you to ensure your staff has access to support.
  • The online marketplace is open 24 hours a day beginning at 4 a.m. on Sunday, December 17 through midnight on Wednesday, December 20.

Call volume at the ARC and Broker Line has been very high. Please help us improve the experience for everyone by following a few tips.

If you want to confirm a consumer’s enrollment, use the assister portal! If the consumer has authorized you as their assister, you can confirm a consumer’s enrollment by:

  1. Logging into your portal account
  2. Navigating to the Client Request page
  3. Clicking on “Assist Client” link next to the name of the consumer whose status you want to check. The next page will show you the status of any submitted applications, as well as any QHPs in which the consumer is enrolled.

If you need to check a case status, submit the request by email.

  • The /assets/ARC-Case-Status-Request-Form-Updated-10-2017_tcm34-315450.xlsxCase Status Request Form for navigators and CAC’s can be found on the /assister-central/navigator-one-stop/essential-tools/index.jspEssential Tools page of /assister-central/navigator-one-stop/index.jspNavigator One Stop on Assister Central.
  • The /assets/Broker-Case-Status-Request-Form_updated_10_2017_tcm34-315746.xlsxCase Status Request Form for brokers can be found on the /assister-central/broker-one-stop/forms-guides/index.jspForms and Guides page of /assister-central/broker-one-stop/index.jspBroker One Stop on Assister Central.

Be aware that hold times will be longer during lunch time (11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) when we will have fewer staff on the phones at any one time.


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