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IRS Form 1095-A Sent to Consumers

1/31/2018 3:20:36 PM

MNsure has mailed all IRS Form 1095-As to consumers who enrolled in a private health plan through MNsure during 2017. The form should also be available in a consumer’s online account in the “Notifications” area. 

Form 1095-A provides information that the consumer will need to file 2017 taxes if advanced premium tax credit payments were applied to insurance premiums, or if the consumer wants to claim the premium tax credit on the 2017 tax return. 

If a consumer has not received their form by mail, and it is not available in their online account, have the consumer call the MNsure Contact Center. Please be aware that this form is only sent to those who purchased private health insurance during 2017. Consumers who purchased a catastrophic plan, a stand-alone dental plan, or were enrolled in MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance, will not receive a Form 1095-A for those types of coverage.

MNsure has created a /assets/1095A_Online_Reference_for_Assisters_2018_tcm34-323540.pdf1095-A Reference Guide to help assisters as they work with consumers who are filing a 1095-A with their taxes.


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