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Read the latest announcements for MNsure-certified assisters. The announcements can be filtered by 'Broker', 'Navigator and CACs' and also by date.

DHS Helpful Information

1/4/2019 10:02:49 AM

  • The /assets/20181003-Minnesota-Care-info-line_tcm34-354926.pdfautomated phone line is a great resource to gather information without speaking to a representative.
  • Contact Health Care Eligibility and Operations (HCEO) for any questions about renewals or information returned to HCEO during the MinnesotaCare (MCRE) renewal season.  
  • We are now in the reconsideration period.
    •     We encourage people to return their renewal during the reconsideration period.
    •     They can also contact HCEO to request their case be closed. They will need to wait two business days to allow HCEO to take any action on the case needed, before reapplying.  

Navigators and CACs


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