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Read the latest announcements for MNsure-certified assisters. The announcements can be filtered by 'Broker', 'Navigator and CACs' and also by date.

Enrollment Escalation Updates

6/27/2019 11:57:09 AM

Beginning July 1, ARC will begin proactively emailing assisters to inform them of updates regarding the outcome of QHP enrollment related activities that normally would have been a call-out to the assister. The purpose of these emails will be to provide the assister with an update on the status of their consumer’s QHP enrollment and to advise them of any necessary follow-up. 

Please note: Assisters should read these emails in full and touch base with their consumer prior to taking further action on the case. This includes before contacting the ARC or submitting another request. If any follow-up steps are necessary, the assister should contact ARC with their consumer present.

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