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Qualified Health Plan Enrollment: Broker Service Line Procedure

The Broker Team is able to assist with manual qualified health plan (QHP) enrollment, plan termination, and reporting qualifying life events for a special enrollment period (SEP).

Key points:

  • Contact by phone or email
  • The Broker Team is unable to complete LECs and enrollments through email, even if sent securely.  While they can check status by email, the team is unable to accept the initial report of these by email.
  • Updating an existing enrollment due to a change in the consumer’s information.
  • Broker should attempt to enroll online prior to completing a manual enrollment. Enrolling manually is a last resort. Screen shots will be required for manual enrollments.
  • The Broker Team is also able to confirm if consumers are already enrolled, or the status of a recent enrollment. This can be done by submitting the Case Status Request form (Excel).
  • Plan must be selected prior to contacting the Broker Team. They cannot hold on the line while a plan is selected.
  • To report a qualifying life event for a SEP, consumer must have enrolled or will be enrolling in a plan at the time the SEP is reported to the Broker Team.
  • For loss of MEC SEPs, consumer must not be active in a public program.
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