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Household Composition and Income

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You may review all the information presented in the online course. Use the outline below to identify the key concepts included in this course.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Household Composition and Income
  • Application Sections for Household Composition
  • Tools and Resources
  • Household Composition and Rules Tip Sheet

Household Composition

  • Household Definition
  • Definition of Household Composition
  • Three categories of Household Composition
  • Household Size
  • Household Composition and Eligibility
  • Income and Asset Guidelines
  • Tax Filing and Household Composition
  • Definition of Tax Terminology
  • Tax Rules for all Programs
  • Rules for Other Household Members

Household Income

  • What is Income?
  • Income on the MNsure Application
  • Types of Income on the Application
  • Income Terminology
  • Income Examples
  • Lump Sum Income
  • Assets
  • Projected Annual Income
  • Adjusted Gross Income
  • Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)
  • MA-Income for Families with Children and Adults
  • Additional Income Rules
  • Correcting Projected Annual Income

Household Considerations

  • Additional Application Questions

Putting it All Together

  • Case Examples (1 - 5)

Course Resources

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