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QHP Renewal Process Update

10/27/2017 12:00:25 PM

MNsure is mailing a notice to consumers who are currently enrolled in a private health insurance plan through MNsure, but their 2018 eligibility was not able to be redetermined. This could include consumers who had their case closed during the 2017 open enrollment period as part of the effort to expedite the processing of their life event, but the consumer never reapplied.

These consumers can apply online during open enrollment using their existing MNsure account to receive a 2018 eligibility determination. If they apply and are determined eligible to purchase a QHP, they can shop for a 2018 plan and enroll online. If the consumer does not apply, their 2017 QHP enrollment will be renewed for 2018, but any financial assistance they are currently receiving will end December 31, 2017. For more information and a sample notice, please reference page 17 of the /assets/Renewals_Guide_for_Assisters-OE%202018_tcm34-316502.pdfRenewals Guide for Assisters Open Enrollment 2018.


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